generatorA backup generator will provide power to your home or business when the power fails due to storms, equipment failure or traffic accidents. If you are considering buying a generator for your home or business, contact a trustworthy company that provides generator service in Houston TX to explore options and prices. Here are some facts about backup generators.


The two basic types of backup generators are portable and standby. The portable ones need to be started and plugged into an extension cord or a sub-panel. Portable generators are suitable for recreational, residential, and industrial purposes. On the other hand, standby generators will start automatically after a power outage and are powerful enough to power your heating and air conditioning systems and appliances. These are suitable for homes, businesses and agricultural uses.

Fuel Sources

Generators run on propane, natural gas, gasoline, and diesel. The most popular choice is propane because it is cheaper than gasoline, easy to acquire and no electricity is needed to refill the generator’s tank. Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly choice because it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. Since natural gas is connected to a supply line, you don’t have to worry about shelf life like you do with gasoline and diesel.

Maintenance and Safety

Fortunately, maintenance is not difficult for generators. They need to be tested regularly by starting them or using the exercise feature of permanent generators. Fuel needs to be available at all times and it’s important to note that gasoline and diesel have a shelf life. For safety, never fill a generator when it is operating and do not place a running portable generator in the house or garage.

Benefits of Having a Backup Generator

  • Generators supply power for the internet and television to monitor weather alerts
  • Home and business security systems will remain operational
  • Sump pumps will continue operating
  • Pipes can be prevented from freezing
  • Heating and air conditioning will continue a backup generator