Warranties & Protection

Cars, TV sets, even toys have extended warranties available… and now your backup generator does too!  Purchasing an automatic standby generator for your home or office is an investment that needs to be protected.  Grasten Power Technologies has the industry’s most impressive warranty offerings for all the backup generators we sell.

Standard Warranty Work

Even the highest quality products can have problems creep up.  Grasten technicians are able to diagnose and repair almost any model or every major brand at your location or by bringing your generator to our facility.  As a licensed warranty and repair shop, Grasten Power Technologies is not just a dealership, we are a full service provider of the finest backup generators and technicians to maintain and service them during the lifetime of your investment.  Any Generac, Kohler, or Cummins standby generator during it’s initial warranty period can be serviced by a Grasten team member.

Extended Warranties

To further utilize the knowledge and experience of the Grasten team to save you money over the lifespan of your backup generator we sell manufacturer extended warranties with five (5), seven (7), and ten (10) year options.  This way, if something happens to your generator it can be repaired with little-to-no out-of-pocket costs to you.  To maximize your extended warranty consider pairing it with a maintenance plan to prevent as many issues as possible, and saving money in the event that a problem does arise.

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