Exceptional Fuel Efficiency. Uncommonly Quiet Operation. Cleanest Power.

The Generac 15kW EcoGen automatic standby generator provides backup power for alternative energy systems.

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When living off-grid, you depend heavily on the weather to produce enough usable power for your lifestyle. That means you will probably need a secondary power source to keep your batteries charged and have regular maintenance checks to ensure proper functionality. The EcoGen home standby generator keeps your batteries charged while also requiring less maintenance. The EcoGen’s Off-Grid capabilities increase service intervals due to the extra oil reserve, improved long life starter, and engine valve durability. The Generac EcoGen also consumes less fuel when electricity demand is light, saving you money.

Whether the off-grid lifestyle is a choice or a necessity, you are responsible for producing the energy you consume—even when there’s no sun or wind. Ensure you never have dead batteries with the Generac EcoGen — the only automatic standby generator designed and warrantied specifically for off-grid use with an alternative energy system.

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How Does the Generac EcoGen Work?
In an alternative energy system, the generator is an important source of backup power when other resources are insufficient for the demand.
• Solar cells and/or wind turbines generate DC electric current.
• The DC current enters the inverter charger, and then the battery bank.
• The inverter takes DC power from the battery bank, converts it to AC electricity, and sends the AC power to your home’s electrical panel.
• If the battery level drops to a preset point, perhaps because there is no solar or wind power available, the inverter automatically signals the Generac EcoGen generator to start up.
• The Generac EcoGen delivers AC power to the inverter, which simultaneously sends AC power to your home’s electric panel and sends DC power to the battery bank until it is charged to an acceptable level.

Want to hear what the EcoGen sounds like?WARNING: You’re speakers are working fine, it really is that quiet!

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