12 kW Generator Single Phase Natural Gas-LPGThose of us who live in the South are not strangers to extreme weather, from severe winter ice storms to powerful tornadoes. Power outages can last a few minutes or linger for hours and that can cause a lot of problems. If you are a homeowner, you should look into Generac generators in Houston so you will have a generator to supply continuous power during power outages. Here are some of the benefits of backup generators.

Personal Benefits

One of the personal benefits of having a backup generator is comfort. If it is a hot muggy day or an icy cold one, a backup generator will keep you and your family comfortable.

The appliances on your home will also stay operational. This means no food will spoil and you can still prepare a meal. So, family life will continue in spite of the storm.

Financial Benefits

Here are a few of the financial benefits of a backup generator:

  • If you work from home, your internet will stay on and you can continue making money
  • Power can help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, causing expensive repairs
  • Sump pumps will continue to work during an outage. That can save thousands in repair and replacement costs of items damaged with flood waters
  • Hotel stays and the cost of eating out can be expensive


If a power outage occurs in the evening, you have to look for candles or flashlights. Not having lights can cause safety issues for the whole family, especially if the flashlight batteries are dead.

Having power for a radio, the television and the internet can keep you informed of changing weather conditions. Staying up-to-date with weather alerts is essential in case your family needs to seek shelter.