kohler generatorsGenerators are quickly becoming a popular investment for many homeowners and business owners because they are reliable and provide a sense of security.   When you are first purchasing a generator it all of the different options can be overwhelming.  There are natural gas, gasoline, propane, and diesel fuel options to choose from. While many of these generators are all good in multiple ways, propane is a common and efficient choice.  Read on to learn about propane powered generators!




There are various reasons why a propane generator is a better choice than a gasoline one.


  • Convenience: Propane comes in cylinders that are easy to store and cannot spill. They also burn clean and cost about half the price of gasoline per gallon.
  • Quiet: Propane fueled generators are typically quieter than diesel or gasoline driven generators.
  • Efficient Use: Since propane is something that is fairly easy to purchase at the local store, it is a good choice during a power failure. You do not need electricity to re-fill the tank and the shelf life of propane is indefinite. Gasoline can only be store for about 12 months and then it is not recommended to use. Since propane lasts forever, maintaining the tank is essential.


Overall, propane fueled generators are efficient and reliable.


Rid yourself of any worries by investing in a generator, today!


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