Generac to Incentivize Homeowners Who Plan Ahead with Extended Warranty

Generac (NYSE:GNRC) announced that it will offer a free 10-year extended warranty on the company’s Guardian-series home standby generators to homeowners who prepare ahead for all types of weather and non-weather related outages. Consumers must purchase by June 23 to take advantage of this offer.

Generac seeks to incentivize more homeowners to prepare for outages after some reports have shown many homeowners are completely unprepared for natural disasters, or the power outages that come with them. The free extended warranty, a $995 value, is intended to encourage homeowners to prioritize preparation.

“Every year, there are widespread power outages caused by storms and utility failures,” said Russ Minick, Generac chief marketing officer. “This year, we’re offering customers an incentive to plan ahead for those outages. By purchasing now, customers will get five additional years of warranty coverage. But more importantly, if they act quickly, it’s likely their generator can be installed in time for the height of the storm season.”

Home standby generators sense utility failure and turn on automatically in seconds to supply electricity to owners’ homes. “Home standby generators are a critical part of preparedness, but require planning to be installed ahead of storms,” said Minick.

Powered by natural gas or propane, home standby generators can provide power as long as there is fuel available during extended outages, and can power entire homes or specific circuits the owner selects. In areas affected by hurricanes, outages can last days or weeks, making a standby generator the best solution for long-term backup power.

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