streetIn our last blog, we shared some tips on selecting the best generator and where to place it! For more tips, read on.

Proper Powering

A major safety issue when you are powering your generator is not properly connecting it to a power source. You should not connect your generator to a wall outlet. This can electrify your house’s branch circuit and poses a fire and shock hazard. Instead, you will want to invest in heavy-duty exterior extension cords to plug your appliances into the generator. Another option is to use a power-transfer switch, a specialized circuit-breaker panel that wires into your house’s regular circuit panel. This isolates circuits and blocks generated current from flowing into the grid.

Test Run

The best way to ensure you have properly installed your generator is to test it out. Start running all the appliances you want the generator to power and use them how you usually would. If you are using generator extension cords, test the machine with all the cords set up to ensure everything will work as it’s supposed to. Do test runs regularly to ensure it works properly and add a gasoline stabilizer to the fuel.

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