generac generatorOwning a backup generator offers the ultimate peace of mind for your home or business. When the power goes out, the generator kicks in and continues to power your home. However, to ensure that your generator runs smoothly, it is important to maintain it. Here are some ways to maintain or replace your generator.

  • Regular Cleanings

Since generators are typically located outside, they’re exposed to the elements year-round. Debris gets caught inside and dust collects, both of which can clog up the machine and interfere with regular functions. Regular cleaning by a pro ensures the machine is clean and ready for operation at a moment’s notice.

  • Repairs

If something seems off about your generator, an expert can examine the machine to see if it’s in need of repair. Routine regular maintenance can prevent potential problems from turning into serious issues, so you’re not stuck relying on a broken generator when the power goes off.

  • Installation

If your generator is many years old or otherwise doesn’t meet your expectations, you can’t go wrong with a new Generac model. Generator service experts are skilled at both installing brand new generator systems and swapping existing generators for new models. Some new models offer more power and better circuit breaker protection than old varieties.

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