Guardian 11kW with 12-Circuit Switch Model 6437There are many advantages to using natural gas as a domestic fuel and many people choose it over liquid propane, gasoline, or diesel.   Read on to learn how a natural gas generator might be a great investment for you.

Natural Gas is Environmentally Clean

Natural gas is considered environmentally friendly because it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.  When the combustion process occurs, very few byproducts are put into the atmosphere as pollutants.  Since it burns so clean there is no ash or soot.

Natural Gas is Efficient

With a natural gas generator the headache of waiting for a gas delivery or trying to find storage for your gas disappears.  Natural gas is delivered through an underground pipeline system.  There is an abundance of natural gas so you can rely on fuel for your generator.  The pipes that provide natural gas cannot be damaged by a hurricane or storm making it the best fuel choice for a generator if storms are prevalent in your area.

Natural Gas is Cost Efficient

Since there is a vast domestic supply of natural gas, you will not have to worry about prices increasing any time soon.  Oil gets transported from other countries and as a result, the prices fluctuate depending on their supply, transportation fees, etc.


While natural gas is a great option it is important to pick the generator that works best for your needs. For assistance with picking the best generator for you, just ask the experts at Grasten Generators!


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