generac generatorWinter time can bring some nasty storms. Ice storms and blizzards can snap power lines and leave your home without power and heat for an indefinite amount of time. It is very important to have a standby generator installed to make sure you are not without power or heat this winter. Grasten Generators have a great selection of standby generators for Houston and surrounding areas. Once you have a generator installed, there are a few additional steps you can take to make sure your generator will run smoothly.

Make sure your standby generator is inspected prior to winter weather and after major storms. When you have an inspection done, an itemized list should be made to ensure each part of the standby generator was properly inspected. Coolant levels, battery life, and battery specific gravity should be checked. Grasten Generators offers these services and more for standby generators in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas.

Proper maintenance should also be done prior to any winter storms. Diesel generators require preventative maintenance to keep fuel from gelling. It is also important that coolant heaters or block heaters are running properly, oil heaters are maintained, and batteries are fully charged. To ensure optimal performance, fuel tanks should be cleaned, polished, and treated prior to major winter events.

To ensure best performance for your standby generator, have professionals perform any needed maintenance or repairs on yours prior to a winter storm. Contact to have our high-quality professionals, service your standby generators in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas today.