generac generatorWhile bad weather is a common factor in power failures, there are many other reasons why they occur. For example, about 11 percent of the time, animals cause stoppages in electricity because they bite lines or squirrels that often climb up on the electrical lines. If you live near a power line that has an electric pole near a roadway, car accidents where they hit the pole can cause an electrical disruption. Another factor is too many people using power at peak electricity times, typically hot afternoons when air conditioners are on full blast. According to statistics, this causes the power failure about 5 percent of the time.  Another issue could be your own home and if you have an AMI meter, it is important to look and see if it says “closed” on the screen. This means that the electrical connection is closed in and power should be flowing through the meter. If the screen says “closed” but you have no power then check your breakers to see if that’s the issue. Because of all these potential factors, it is wise to invest in a generator.

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